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At Speech Advance, we work to improve communications skills in all aspects of life. This program is intended to reduce specific barriers, including American English Pronunciation, which may be impacting personal and professional goals. The training program is uniquely designed and can be face-to-face or web based. It offers personal online practice and lifetime access to continue perfecting your communication skills after program completion.

Our Services:

  • Accent Modification (Enhance your Speech while Reducing Specific Barriers)
  • Leadership Communication (Learn Effective use of your Voice, Words and Body Language)
  • Public Speaking (Develop Mindful Awareness of your Speaking in All Situations)


Pronouncing English as a Second Language


The guiding principles of this program include an individualized learning program to reveal specific barriers (such as an accent) of clear communication that may be impacting your personal and professional goals.

Your training program can be 1:1 in person or online. You will receive personal program materials which includes a training manual or online access to a practice lab. This program provides you with evidence-based assurance of 50% or greater change or improvement. This is based on a standardized assessment procedure and comparing the speech analysis from the beginning to the end of the course. Group corporate sessions can also be arranged.

Using our FREE online screening tool below, we can gather information to determine the best method of enhancing your speech. With this analysis, we provide you with a personalized course and evidence-based assurance of 50% or greater change or improvement.